Elegant Baby

Elegant Baby – Piggy Banks

Teach your precious child the importance of saving money with our classic ceramic baby piggy banks! The bright, playful polka dot design offers a stylish twist on a classic gift. They are the perfect traditional pieces to add to a chic contemporary nursery! Classic Piggy Bank with Polka Dots Measures 6.5″ Perfect for teaching baby … Continue reading Elegant Baby – Piggy Banks


Elegant Baby – My First Tooth & Curl

Having a baby means having a lot of ” firsts.” A baby’s first curl and tooth are two of those very important firsts that parents share with their little one. These Ceramic Blue Elephant 1st Baby Tooth & Curl Keepsakes make sure your baby’s first teeth and curls are safe and sound for years. Keep … Continue reading Elegant Baby – My First Tooth & Curl


Elegant Baby – Bath Wrap

Hooded baby towel keeps baby warm and happy after bath
Bath time essential for baby registry or baby shower gift
Machine wash cold, tumble dry low


Elegant Baby – Fleece Security Blanket

Babies spend the majority of their time carrying, cuddling and loving their blankies. The perfect blankie has to be made from quality fabric that maximizes its lifespan while keeping the baby warm and protected.


Elegant Baby – Fleece Blanket

The familiarity of a child’s favorite fleece baby blanket is something not easily forgotten. Providing comfort and security throughout the many stages of development, these luxury baby blankets are a registry must-have. This larger size fleece baby stroller blanket is perfect for snuggling & stroller outings.


Elegant Baby – Fleece Pompom Blankets

These blankets are so soft and cuddly, great for warmth and nap time. These blankets are perfect for personalization. Machine washable, tumble dry low.


Elegant Baby – Bath Time Squirties

Bath time squirties keep bath time fun by taking your little one on a imaginary adventure.


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